Rhapsody Partnership At Work

Dear Esteemed Partner,

Congratulations on a most successful HSLHS with Pastor Chris. What a glorious time of miracles and testimonies.

Your cloud of blessings have gathered and its emptying out to you in an uninterrupted flow of answers. Its your season of testimony and miracles and you will experience it, in every area of your live. Your finances, job, businesses, family, health, academics, etc

As you set out each day the fragrance of love and favour will attract people of importance and influence to you. Amen.

Its your set time for an overwhelming flow of miracles. Our special appreciation to you for your unwavering and unflinching commitment to partnering with Rhapsody of Realities

See the amazing work your Rhapsody seed is doing in the zone and our adopted nation.

As you know, our zone has adopted the Nation of Pakistan, Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, China and Cuba. Our goal is to ensure that Rhapsody is sent to this nation monthly in their preferred language.

To this light we want you to join us today as we sponsor Rhapsody in 500 Languages. You can sponsor in any of the 4 categories

1. As one man in multiples of 1million (Platinum)

2. As a Team of 2 (500,000) Gold

3. As a Team of 4 (250,000) Silver

4. As a Team of 5 (200,000) Bronze

Join us as we eradicate drug addiction in Mexico. Its time to take the stake higher.