Sister Zainab Umar – Healed of Kidney Stone

Thank you so very much to my man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for making God’s word a reality in my life and family at large, also thanking my Zonal Pastor in person of pastor Lekan Balogun and my Esteemed pastor Tutu Balogun For her teaches and making me realize that as a person you can rewrite your destiny and have negative prophecies changed.

Fast forward to my testimony, it all started after I had my first daughter, she was ill and I took her to the hospital for treatment, on getting to the hospital I thought of alerting my doctor how and what I was feeling, after my explanations to him, the first thing he said was that’s a sign of Kidney infection( immediately I began to have palpitations because I lost my mum to kidney failure at age 32 and I was told I would pass on same way at that age) so I bursted into tears.

He asked why I was crying and I told him and he said to me, aren’t you a Christian? Why accept that you will die same way and age that your mum died? And I have not confirmed but only saying it based on your explanations and complaints. He asked I go for Abdominal Scan, I did that same day and when the result came out, it showed I had Multiple stones on the right side of my kidney ( Calcium Oxalate)

I immediately called my eldest sister and started crying asking her to please help take care of my daughter because at that time the devil was beginning to mess up with my mind and showing me pictures. My sister said to me, keep quiet you are going no where, and why would you accept to die the way mummy died? Mummy died because she never had the knowledge that we have now, she reminded me how that I am born after the second Adam and the second Adam is Jesus whom is a life giving spirit so death can’t take me.

Whaooo I regained myself and went back to the doctor, he saw the result and placed me on water therapy and some medications cos I was in so much pains. I conceived my second child and that was the heat of it, it tripled and this time, I would go to the toilet more than 15 times before morning, I went for scan and the second kidney had stones as well and was infected, I became a shadow of myself, this time the pain was so much that I could barely turn on sides while sleeping, getting up had to be processs and sometimes had to work through the walls. I was already getting depressed cos I felt the prophecies of years ago was becoming a reality, my BP rose up to 230/198, I was losing interest in life cos I was already seeing pictures of me in a coffin and the devil comes to say to me you are getting closer to age 32 so be ready to leave. One thing I never stopped doing was going to church and participating in the things of God, I had few brethren praying along side with me and my sisters never gave me a minute to doubt or give up on God’s words. My leg began to swell and my tummy was popping out this period.

Fast forward to my healing, my beloved man of God had the healing streams in March and that was it, I made my mind that however way it will happen, I must receive my healing that day. I locked myself in my room and asked my daughters to stay in the sitting room to participate, my man of God came out and started ministering, I felt it, I felt goosebumps around my body and I stood up walking around my room and proclaiming and celebrating my healing, then I heard a knock on the door it was my first daughter Zivah, I didn’t want to open but she kept knocking, so then I opened the door and immediately, she hugged me and place her hands around me, mummy you are healed, mummy you will not die, she placed her hands on my tummy, mummy pastor Chris says you are healed and I said yes Zivah I am healed and made whole, we both started jumping and celebrating. I slept that night like a baby, I didn’t wake up to even use the toilet, unlike before I will use the toilet more than 15 times to ease myself with pains before morning. I forgot I had any kidney challenge, I went for scan and the sonographer was asking what happened and how cos they know me, I am always crying each time I go for Scan,

I told him it’s Healing Streams with pastor Chris and he said he is so happy cos I am the third person he is hearing that from. I rushed to my doctor and he saw the result, he said madam you see what I was saying that there’s nothing impossible with God, I told him yes I got healed through the healing streams with Pastor Chris, he said 3 of his patients also got healed. Saying a very big thank you to pastor Chris, my pastors, leaders and partners, thank you so much for making my healing a reality and Glory to God I clocked 32years on the 19th of July 2021, I am alive and healthy.

God bless you Pastor and I love you